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My hovercraft is full of eels.

Demian Katz
6 December
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Computer programmer. Librarian. Semi-semi-professional game reviewer. Choose Your Own Adventure expert. Bad movie aficionado. That about covers it.
adam cadre, alex lifeson, amorphis, anathema, apocalyptica, bad movies, bagels, beseech, bill rebane, blackadder, blind guardian, bloom county, blue oyster cult, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, bulletin boards, carmageddon, cheapass games, choose your own adventure, christopher lee, cyber-snogging, dario argento, dark moor, dave barry, dawn french, day of the triffids, doctor who, don dohler, douglas adams, dragon half, dragonlance, dream theater, earth 2, eccentricity, emo philips, eye of argon, faith no more, fates warning, fighting fantasy, finland, flustering julie, forever knight, funeral quest, gamebooks, gamera, geddy lee, gentle giant, george romero, german board games, giant rubber monsters, gmp pictures, godzilla, h.p. lovecraft, hammer films, harlan ellison, high-quality cardboard tubes, hong kong cinema, hugh laurie, iced earth, infocom, interactive fiction, internet oracle, iron maiden, jack benny, jim danforth, john wyndham, kansas, kim newman, kobolds ate my baby, kodomo no omocha, labyrinth, libraries, lone wolf, luca turilli, machines of loving grace, mantis shrimp, michael flynn, michael palin, mr. bungle, mst3k, national public radio, neil peart, nicholson baker, nightwish, old computers, old time radio, peter cushing, peter jackson, photopia, progressive rock, queensryche, ray harryhausen, red dwarf, rhapsody, rob bottin, role-playing, rowan atkinson, rush, rutger hauer, saga, sam raimi, savatage, seth able robinson, skid row, spock's beard, stephen fry, stop-motion animation, symphony x, tunnels and trolls, ultraman, vegetarianism, vincent price, yes, zork