Demian Katz (demiankatz) wrote,
Demian Katz

Book Review: Marion Arleigh's Penance

Can it be? Have I actually finished reading all the fake Brame in Project Gutenberg? It appears that, after Marion Arleigh's Penance, all the remaining Brame books on the site were actually written by Brame (though A Fair Mystery is a bit murky, being most likely a Brame novel that was later modified by another author). I may have to take a break before continuing this reading project, but I'm glad to have put this particular phase behind me.

So, Marion Arleigh's Penance. An orphaned heiress is exploited by a greedy brother and sister who pretend to be her friend and lover when they really just want her money. In the end, true love triumphs (sorry, spoilers again, but really, did you doubt it?). Along the way, there is lots of mental anguish (both in the mind of the heroine, who like most of her kin is rather dim and subject to "brain fever," and in the mind of the reader, who has to endure a lot of moralistic lecturing about the glories of the upper class and the baseness of the lower class). I can't honestly think of any justification for reading this book, so go ahead and save yourself the trouble -- it does little to distinguish itself from the rest, and I will likely have forgotten all about it within a couple of days.
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