Demian Katz (demiankatz) wrote,
Demian Katz

Book Review: Coralie

Today I finished reading another "Charlotte Braeme" story that was not actually written by Charlotte Brame: Coralie, which, if anything, was even worse than The Coquette's Victim. The story distinguishes itself by featuring a first-person narrative from the perspective of a male protagonist, but the actual content is tedious and insulting. A poor clerk unexpectedly inherits an estate, which gives him hope for his paralyzed sister -- but the woman currently living there makes his life complicated. That makes it sound more interesting than what it actually is: a standard-issue tale of love at first sight, good women who know their place, bad women who (gasp!) attempt to assert themselves too much, and tragedy that strikes only when convenient. You can safely skip this one -- it only serves to underscore my earlier point that Dora Thorne had a great deal more going on in it than can be expected of this type of literature.
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